Casio beam

Civil is a C language addin written in casio 9860 SDK that can analyze concrete sections according to eurocode. It can calculate and design beam and column sections, find geometric properties of sections, and calculate yield and ultimate rotations for concrete columns.

Casio mylib example GUI

Casio sdk, comes with a plain C/C++ favor, a c standard library with a trimmed command set, and a machine library with simple drawing, display functions. The library is made for use for my personal projects for casio SDK. With the help of the library someone with C language knowledge can write simple or more advanced software with less much effort. The function listing of the library is extensive.

Casio beam

Beam is a C language addin written in casio 9860 SDK. It uses a user friendly interface, to input any two dimensional structural frame, and solves it using the matrix stiffness method. You input, the nodes, elements, loads (point and uniform),select materials, and the output gives moments (M), shear forces (Q), axial forces (N) for each element of the frame, and internal forces or displacements for each node. It provides also diagrams of M,Q,N for each element.

CasioBasic stodola

This program uses the Stodola method for finding the eigen values and eigen vectors of a dynamic system. Before executing the program, you have to enter in MatK the stiffness matrix, and in MatM the mass matrix.

CasioBasic newmark

This program uses the Newmark recursive method to solve a dynamic oscillating system of one degree of freedom (1 DOF).