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As already described in Mathematica and greek letters (v7 and v8), if you use greek language for text, Mathematica handles greek letters as special characters, because greek letters are important to mathematical expressions. The workaround described in the above article solved the issue of greek letter bad rendering in text to old versions of Mathematica. From v.10 and above due to an alteration of the config file system in Mathematica you have to follow the solution of this article.

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Mathematica versions 7 and 8 and specifically on linux, have issues with the greek letter rendering. This is an article describing a workaround for the issue.

Beamlib for Mathematica

This package for mathematica solves any two dimensional frame or system of beams, using the matrix stiffness method. It shows the local forces for every element of the frame, the global forces, the reactions and displacements in each node. Draws diagrams of the solved frame, like moments (M), axial forces (N), shear forces (Q), external loads (Loads), slopes and rotations (Ut), axial displacements (Ux), shear displacements (Uy), and the displaced shape of the frame or global displacements (Ug).

Euler-Bernoulli beam diagram

This package solve a beam based on the beam theory of Euler-Bernoulli.

You can define a beam, constraint conditions, the load function and stiffness (EI) function for every x on the length of the beam L. You can use in the above definitions the functions DiracDelta, HeavisideTheta for declaring discontinuities, such as in the case of concentrated loads and moments or in the case of partial loading a specific part of the beam.