Given the matrices of mass MatM, stiffness Mat K, eigen values MatW, and eigen vectors MatF of a multistore dynamic system, this program calculates all the dynamic characteristics of the N degrees of freedom structure.

The degrees of freedom is read by the dimensions of input matrices. A typical solution contains the input of matrices MatM and MatK, and the execution of the program stodola (see above) to produce the eigen values/vectors in the matrices MatW and MatF. The program asks for the height of each floor of the structues (height), the pseudo-acceleation (pseudoAn) for each DOF, and the i-vector shape for each DOF. The program outputs:
si=M.fn.Gn and the global matrix s
displacements uj=Gn*fn*An/omega^2 and the SRSS error correction on matrix u
accelerations aj=Gn*fn*An and the SRSS error correction on matrix a
the forces on the floor bases Vb=Mn*.An
the moments of the floor bases Mbn=hn*.Vb
and the relative displacements of the floors Duj=uj-uj-1