This package for mathematica solves any two dimensional frame or system of beams, using the matrix stiffness method. It shows the local forces for every element of the frame, the global forces, the reactions and displacements in each node. Draws diagrams of the solved frame, like moments (M), axial forces (N), shear forces (Q), external loads (Loads), slopes and rotations (Ut), axial displacements (Ux), shear displacements (Uy), and the displaced shape of the frame or global displacements (Ug).

All the commands have options, than can be understood via the example files contained in the download. Meanwhile you can get a simple description of each command inside mathematica. You can for example give:

?BeamSolve to see the solving parameters of the frame

The package can solve also structures with symbolic values and render the results, but for the time, the drawing of diagrams works only with numberic and not with symbolic input.

The source code has many problems regarding the checking of input data. If you trace any problem or you wish to ask something, you can contact with me.

Beamlib, moment diagram example Beamlib, shear diagram example Beamlib, axial diagram example

I, the creator of this package, Toussis Manolis, provides this software inside this webpage, denies every responsibility for any problems or damages that can occur from the usage of this package. Maintains the copyright of the software package, meanwhile allows any use of it, in the unique condition that there must be a clear reference to the initial author )me) and this website.

The zip file contains the main package file beamlib.m and two example files Testbeamlib.nb, Testbeamlib_symbolic.nb. The first example solves a simple 4 node frame with given loads, and shows the results. The second example solves a similar frame but using symbolic dimensions and symbolic loading.