This package solve a beam based on the beam theory of Euler-Bernoulli.

You can define a beam, constraint conditions, the load function and stiffness (EI) function for every x on the length of the beam L. You can use in the above definitions the functions DiracDelta, HeavisideTheta for declaring discontinuities, such as in the case of concentrated loads and moments or in the case of partial loading a specific part of the beam.

After solving the beam, you have full symbolic results for all the quantities of the beam, such as moment,slope,displacements and shear force. The package can try to trace some of the symbolic maximum values of the quantities, and can display diagrams of the quantities even for symbolic values!

Source code is far from complete mainly regarding the checking of user input. If you find any problem or wish to pose a question, you can contact me.

Eulerbeam moment diagram for point force Eulerbeam moment diagram for uniform load

I, the creator of this package, Toussis Manolis, provides this software inside this webpage, denies every responsibility for any problems or damages that can occur from the usage of this package. Maintains the copyright of the software package, meanwhile allows any use of it, in the unique condition that there must be a clear reference to the initial author and this website.

The zip file contains the main package file eulerbeamlib.m and some notebook files with examples or test uses.