Casio mylib example gui

Casio sdk, comes with a plain C/C++ favor, a c standard library with a trimmed command set, and a machine library with simple drawing, display functions. The library is made for use for my personal projects for casio SDK. With the help of the library someone with C language knowledge can write simple or more advanced software with less much effort. The function listing of the library is extensive.

All the functions are more or less self documented. The download file contains an extensive demo project, that demonstrates what this library can do, to ease up your coding.

The function list can be categorized in the following sections:

  • Debug functions for asserting and checking your code for bugs.
  • Infinite Screen saving and restoring.
  • Dynamic size, String* structure with many string manipulation functions.
  • Dynamic size, StringList* structure.
  • Dialog structure, with DialogItems from Buttons, Labels, EditBoxes, Lists, ListEdits, DropDown Lists, Menu, Radio Buttons, CheckBoxes. The dialog can handle events like Refresh,Item Changed,Key Press,Selection Changed.
  • Matrix dynamic structure, with double coefficients, and manipulations functions for it.
  • Simple one line QuestionBox, MessageBox, MultipleChoiceBox, InputBox.
  • Line, Circle, Rectangle drawing functions supporting line patterns. Rectangle fills.
  • A double Viewport structure that gives the ability to draw on the screen, with double customized coordinates.

All the code in the library is licensed under GNU General Public License. To use the library all you have to do is simple add the two files mylib.h / mylib.c on your casio 9860 project. A special consideration must be made if you use C++ code, because the library is written in simple C, in the stage of linking, if your project is written in C++.