A new version of plasmatvgr, the kde4 applet for viewing the tv schedule on your dekstop. The applet is made for my personal use, and a way to see the greek channels schedule. It is written in c++ using the kde4 applet framework. The code can be easilly used for a kde4 applet template. A simple knowledge of c++ and qt/kde4 libraries are required to understand the code.

plasmatvgr image

The applet originally was uploaded to kde-look.org.


installation instructions:

download the source code from

extract it to a folder and run as user
cmake -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX=`kde4-config --prefix`
(run as root)
make install

Version history:

version 0.47

- fixed cine+ was empty bug
- remove markup codes from strings etc &nbsp
- remove duplicate strings from programs

version 0.46

- restored working state with some site changes.
- fixed a bug in double click selection

version 0.45

- corrected animation bug
- corrected ISO 8859-7 'A' accented bug
- corrected current program highlight bug.

version 0.44

- corrected config saving bug

version 0.43

- Select the channels that cycle
- Reset cycle timer when pressing buttons
- Add Novasports1, NovaCinema1/2
- Add fade in/out effect on channel change
- Add busy effect on data loading

version 0.41

-better text rendering for light plasma theme color

version 0.40:

-convert to 4.2 api
-moved to pathfinder.gr
-fixes in date handling
-add mtv channel
-compatible with 4.2 plasma api
-added double click menu for channel selection
-respond to theme changes