Beam is a C language addin written in casio 9860 SDK. It uses a user friendly interface, to input any two dimensional structural frame, and solves it using the matrix stiffness method. You input, the nodes, elements, loads (point and uniform),select materials, and the output gives moments (M), shear forces (Q), axial forces (N) for each element of the frame, and internal forces or displacements for each node. It provides also diagrams of M,Q,N for each element.

This version (0.2) has a new input interface, and also many corrections of bugs. I have no reason to not call it final. Additional features that I can think of, are maybe more loading types, but I don't have any modivation right now to continue with this software. Ofcourse any ideas/problems/suggestions are welcome eitherway.

A separate download exists with the helper library (mylib) I made, with many usefull functions written for 9860 SDK development. You can download and use this library to your own programs.

CasioBeam main menu CasioBeam node definition CasioBeam element definition CasioBeam load definition CasioBeam material editor CasioBeam section editor CasioBeam results diagrams CasioBeam results browser