This program uses the Newmark recursive method to solve a dynamic oscillating system of one degree of freedom (1 DOF).

Before running the program, you must store in function (fn 1) the external force who acts on the system. This force is a function of time, so you have to store a function of variable T. For example: Sin(T). You can easily store a function who acts for T>2 sec with the syntax:(T>2)*Sin(T). Running the program, you have to give the stiffness K, the damping C, and the mass M of the system. Next you input the two parameters γ (gamma) and β (beta) of the Newmark method. Finally the program asks you for the time step (Dt) for the results, the number of steps (NumOfSteps) and the initial displacement (U0) and initial velocity (V0) for T=0.

The calculation starts outputing the parameters a (A) , b (B) and Κ^ of the method. The program finishes by storing the results on matrix MatA of the calculator. The rows of this matrix are each one timestep and the columns are: 1.Time, 2.Force, 3.Acceleration, 4.Delta of Force, 5.Delta of Force^, 6.Delta of displacement, 7.Delta of velocity, 8.Delta of acceleration, 9.Velocity, 10.Displacement.